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Lost in a colorful fantasy world, young Violett need all our wits to return with their parents in this challenging adventure.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, August 10, 2015

Inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, and especially the imaginative graphic novel Coraline, our journey with Violett begins with this young caged by an evil being from another world, who for no reason has our protagonist trapped in a strange parallel universe of fantasy to the real world. Our mission? Obviously, escape the clutches of the villain of the moment to reach the exit that brings us together with our parents. And a little more, really, because this adventure loses little time developing the argument, to focus entirely on puzzle solving and exploration.

Which it is not bad considering the good level which have most of their puzzle, quite brainy and challenging a rule. However, in many cases, the degree of difficulty is also given by the confusing of these tests, which almost never fail entirely clear what to do and when we met the challenge in question, causing the early stages of the adventure would be unduly tortuous even for a fan of the genre.

But this hurdle, and assuming largely a bases Violett is to test, test and test any action by strange enough, soon begin to enjoy this adventure, who knows how to surprise with game scenarios as imaginative and original as tricky to design challenges.


  • Imaginative and original design of the game world and its inhabitants.
  • Great freedom of action. We can explore several areas in the order you want.


  • His argument is underdeveloped area. Too superficial.




The mind of a child sometimes creates fabulous environments replete with fantastic creatures and impossible places. In Violett, we must take the control of a girl trapped in a different world from which she must escape by solving all kinds of riddles and puzzles. Developed by Forever Entertainment, the game is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS mobile devices to download in digital format.

The game starts with the teenager Violett; a rebellious girl dragged outside from the former house where she used to live to her new house, the classic spooky house from horror movies that is right in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, when a shaft of light appears nearby, Violett goes to explore what it is all about. Transported to a whole new world where magical things happen, Violett gets involved in a challenging adventure which she must escape to find her parents once again.

The outstanding artwork of Violett is one of its main attractive points. The visual aspect is a complete work of art with influences from different authors such as Dali, novels like Alice in Wonderland and movies like Coraline. The technical aspect uses this superb art direction for showing off the 2.5D environments, giving the impression of playing over beautiful illustrations. The soundtrack is another great piece of work, with some remarkable tracks that always accompany the action of the game and which enhances the gameplay experience.

Use the objects you find to solve riddles
Use the objects you find to solve riddles

Classic Gameplay

The game takes it's gameplay cues from classic point-and-click graphic adventures. In this sense, the game is perfect for players that are not used to gaming due to its easy and intuitive controls. One thing that adds some variety to the game is the fact that Violett can control objects thanks to her telekinetic power.

Violett will be involved in different puzzles that she has to solve in order to progress through the game. In general terms, these are not so difficult to solve since the things you need to solve them are usually nearby, but there are some of these riddles that can be really challenging whilst you progress through the game.

Exploring the exotic world of Violett will take you to meet all kinds of strange characters

Exploring the exotic world of Violett will take you to meet all kinds of strange characters like gnomes, frogs singing all kind of operas all day long and the evil and powerful Spider Queen, who is the main enemy barring the way of your adventure back home. The characters resemble those from the previously cited works, especially from Alice in Wonderland, which undoubtedly will take the players back to their childhood during some of the events in Violett.

Beautiful and surrealistic places to visit
Beautiful and surrealistic places to visit

Violett 1.23 Features

Discover the main features of Violett for PC and mobile systems in app format to download:

  • Unique and fantastic 2.5D atmosphere with colorful stages and lots of secrets to unveil
  • Check the information of the creatures you encounter in your journey diary
  • Game influenced by surrealistic works of art authors like Dali and classic novels such as Alice in Wonderland
  • Hand-painted graphics with beautiful details in a fantasy world where everything is possible
  • Use your paranormal powers like telekinesis to solve the puzzles you find

For further details about the game before you get the download of the game app, you can always visit the developer’s website clicking on this link.

Check the information about all kinds of characters you find
Check the information about all kinds of characters you find

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for PC:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Mac OSX 10 or Ubuntu 12.4
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU Intel based at 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Space: 2GB free space

Check the requirements for mobile devices in order to run the app:

  • OS: Android 2.3.3, iOS 7
  • Size: 251MB free for Android and 466MB free space for iOS