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Eliminate all those pre-installed junk software and other unnecessary files from your computer with this cleaning software

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If you’ve ever heard of “computer grime”, then you’re not alone. I first discovered that computers apparently have, grime when I downloaded and used Avast Antivirus on my smartphone. Yes, its that word that supposed to mean dirt and filth is now obviously being used to describe unnecessary files and other junk in your computer. The Avast Mobile Security Antivirus app indicated that they had a “grimefighting” software separately available from their antivirus solution. The name of that software is Avast GrimeFighter.

Avast GrimeFighter is a software from Avast that the developers’ claim to remove grime from PCs. Avast Antivirus Mobile Security for mobile devices is not that intuitive and I was really expecting the user interface of GrimeFighter to look pretty much the same. But I was wrong. Avast GrimeFighter, upon launching looked a lot like a bunch of cartoon characters with a grime-fighting (sounds a lot like crime) mission. Before the application launches, you can choose to surf the Internet as the software does its work. That’s because the software puts the your PC under sedation while it does its work of cleaning. During the cleaning state, you can’t do much of anything on your PC. That’s why the online surfing feature of the software is a brilliant idea, so at the very least you can surf the Internet while the cleaning process is being done. This “under sedation” state also means that the software can do a more thorough cleaning process than a regular cleaning software.

However for me, the concerning aspect of this software is that it does not define exactly what it cleaned or removed, though the general areas where the cleaning will be conducted is shown – such as drive C. Other than that, the software appears to clean more thoroughly than traditional PC cleaners.


  • Puts PC under “sedation” mode, ensuring a more deep and thorough clean
  • Process flow is simplified, direct and straightforward


  • Software does not indicate exactly what it cleaned
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for cleaning and speeding up of my personal computer which i use at home, i want to try the same and see weather it improves the performance or no

  • i want to remove all unwanted junk files from my laptop to protect from virus because i pc getting slower avast grimefighter is bst for me ok

  • clean the grime from my computer on thursday and saturdays when i have guests over and they are wearing green shirts and spitting out cashews

What similar programs have you used?
  • grimefighter in the past when using avast a few years ago,and it worked a treat,hence me trying to get it back as it did a really good job,thanks!

What do you like most about this program?
  • when we installing avast grime fighter 9.0.079 am sure my cumputer is free fro any spyware and dangerous viruses.in addition to that it avoids file junction


There are many ways to fight against malware whilst gaining the best performance for your computer in the process. avast! GrimeFighter offers an easy way to erase nasties and protect your system against all kind of threats. According to its developers, most of the utilities available on the market don’t really enhance performance, but avast! GrimeFighter and its minions take care of your Operating System and improve the optimization of each component reasonably well.

This software includes many utilities in one, focusing on the various problems of your system, from just the usual malware and spyware protection to disk cleanup and speed-up properties. The easy-to-use avast! GrimeFighter sets tools for erasing intrusive toolbars while the anti-virus components uninstall any items that slow down the correct performance of the computer.

Previously known as Jumpshot, this application includes some of the best functions, implemented from other known programs such as CCleaner, which optimizes your computer without additional plugins. When deploying the self-defense minions in this avast! application (they look as if they were brought from an animated movie!), your systems gains functionality and stability. Although the download of avast! GrimeFighter is free, it requires an additional license for working with all the included utilities and also to use its maximum potential.

Enhance the performance of your system
Enhance the performance of your system

Meet the funny minions that will fix your system

The different tools of the program are represented as funny minions. The functionality they cover helps avast! GrimeFighter stand out from other new anti-virus and system maintenance applications for general users. The security solution provides cleanup tools for keeping your system’s disk free of unnecessary files, boosting its performance, enhancing your privacy settings for preventing phishing and the usual antimalware functionalities, all from a veteran company such as avast!.

The wide variety of utilities the software includes guarantees not only the security of your personal computer, but also the best performance

The wide variety of utilities the software includes guarantees not only the security of your personal computer, but also the best performance of the main applications you have installed on your system, and a manager for your hardware to check the status of your CPU and RAM memory, among other components. Applying the improvements, the speed up it provides, and the constant updates looking for better ways to protect your system, you'll notice the difference in avast! GrimeFighter when compared with other similar programs.

These funny minions will notify about your system needs
These funny minions will notify about your system needs

avast! GrimeFighter Features

Check here the main features you will find in avast! GrimeFighter:

  • Sympathetic minions that will help you cleanup your HDD and to speed up its performance
  • Get rid of any kind of malware you previously had in your system
  • The software analyzes all physical aspects of your hardware that are malfunctioning in order to alert you about it
  • Improve your privacy settings in order to avoid possible leaks from your system through any kind of spyware
  • Researches the Internet looking for new threats in order to prevent their access and secure your connection
  • Gets rid of trash files and automatically manages your files for optimizing the computer’s performance
  • Boost the startup process of your Windows OS and ensure the protection of the applications you download

For getting additional information about avast! GrimeFighter before the file download, visit the official website.

System Requirements

Check the minimum resources for your system:

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • CPU: Pentium III processor
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Size: 600MB free space on disk