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Ragnarok Valkyrie 2.7.0

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For all fans of MMORPG games, Ragnarok Online may be an icon of adoration, and a standout example for when the genre started to become popular amongst gamers. With this version, Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising, the game goes mobile with this MMORPG portable version, perfect for being played on any kind of portable device as long as they run the compatible version of Android and iOS. Available to download for free, the game offers similar features to what we have seen in its complete PC version.

Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising takes you to a new fantasy world in which you can choose the path you want to follow. As in any game of the genre, the freedom it grants lets you roam all over the world, looking for more adventures, fulfilling quests and collecting items and more powerful equipment to face the most fearful creatures.

Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising takes you to a new fantasy world in which you can choose the path you want to follow

The general aspect of Ragnarok Valkyrie resembles the first edition of the game in computer systems. The classic 2D graphics alongside an Anime character design are the features that make it unique in its style. The soundtrack lacks some variety and may even become a little annoying due to its looping repetitions. The sound effects are not very remarkable and in general the game only stands out for its technically correct and enriched visual design.

Explore the world map field
Explore the world map field


Since this is a different portable version of the original game with some limitations, the controls have been adapted specially for touchscreens in order to offer better gameplay. The movement of the character you control is done by a virtual stick placed at the left side of the screen, while the skills and abilities are on the right side in the form of icons for the different spells. This way you can play dynamically and participate in PvP combats as with any massive multiplayer online RPG with a simplified and useful control.

The difference from the original game comes when you take a look at the available jobs. Classic classes such as thief, merchant or archer are not included in this free-to-play mobile app, but you can still enjoy other jobs such as mage, priest, acolyte and knight up to its maximum Level 55. For characters in general, the former level cap has been raised up to Level 83, offering greater combinations.

Playing this version you will find that some things have changed, but in general the former issues have been fixed with further updates. The variety of the available items has been increased, and new elements have been added such as a new Enriched Refine Blacksmith for advanced equipment. Tame and train your own pet that will help you in battle and defeat hundreds of pawing monsters on your way to Valhalla.

Get your own pet and mount
Get your own pet and mount

Ragnarok Valkyrie 2.7.0 Features

Check out the main features of Ragnarok Valkyrie:

  • Download the classic Ragnarok Online MMORPG finally available for mobile in app format
  • Multiplayer game with a good PvP system and co-op between players for difficult dungeons
  • Discover new content, dungeons and cities all over the Ragnarok Valkyrie world
  • Especially designed for being played comfortably on any kind of portable device such as smartphones and tablets
  • New events that will offer rewards with thematic quests
  • Easy Login service using your personal Facebook account

For additional information about this app, check the developers’ website before the download.

Cities are the main social centers
Cities are the main social centers

System Requirements

Check the resources your need to run Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising:

  • OS: version of Android from 2.2 or iOS from 4.3
  • Size: 47.8MB free space



By Keyvo Kimaita

On Monday, June 1, 2015


This is a more of an adventure game an something very great that I learnt from this game is that it’s very fun and also exciting and this is because it enables you travel the world which has been actually created in the game and by this you get to choose your own path as a player the one that you are going to follow. As other games you will also be going to the getting some items on the way and you will collect them and therefore be able to fight some of the creatures that you will find on the way and conquer them. Also there is a multiplayer functions that allows you to play with your friend.


The following are the features of ragnarok valkyrie

The game has a multi player mode.

You get to choose your own path as a player

You fight against creatures on the way.


A great adventure game please download it and play.


  • The game has a great sound track
  • The game is very fun to play


  • the graphics are not very stunning
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