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Bound By Flame is the fourth own set of the French company Spiders

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The game summons us to a world in which humanity is cornered in a war that has little hope of winning. Armies of undead and grotesque creatures arrive in waves from the north and each new battle does nothing but fatten their troops, leaving human kingdoms and elves in a desperate situation. Behind these forces are the seven lords of the ice, powerful sorcerers and necromancers who have pooled their resources in a crusade to end life on the planet. Our protagonist is Vulcan, a mercenary (or mercenary) part of a once great company however goes through his lowest moments after losing a lot of soldiers in battle. The few survivors are in a strange mission as a bodyguard for a group of scholars who have called for his protection while performing a strange ritual, something that can give humanity a weapon against the lords of the ice.

Once in action, we discovered that Bound By Flame is a very difficult game. The enemies are tough, very much alive and hit like a truck. It is essential to move well and use all the tools at our reach because it is very possible that we may die quite frequently. It does not have the refinement of a Dark Souls, whose difficulty is based on other factors, but both share their taste for punishing pounding buttons without thinking. If you do not use all our abilities, we lose life too quickly without damaging rivals, making it necessary to use things like the fiery weapons to increase our damage or fire traps that give us a break against approaching enemies in different -being surrounded address is mortal of need. The enemies are not very original and have very many attacks, but can be very rapid and important to control the tempo to use our defensive skills at the right time.


  • There are many additional dialogs that give more life to the world
  • There are a lot of interesting characters


  • The work of some voices of the game is questionable




It seems that the RPG genre has totally changed over the past few years into a more active game style similar to other genres like hack’n slash or just action games with some customizable options. In Bound by Flame, we see this progression along with some incredible artwork and dynamic gameplay that ensures all of the battles are different. Developed by the French game studio Spiders, known from other titles such as Of Orcs and Men, the game is published for computer, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 in both physical and digital download version.

You play as Vulcan, a mercenary possessed by an ancient fire demon that will use its power in order to defeat the seven ice lords that you will find all over this fantastic world of Bound by Flame. The game introduces a karma system in which you can choose to follow the human path or just go wild with the power that the demon gives you, leaving all traces of humanity behind. Feel free to choose to roam the karma path you want, but choose wisely since there is no turning back in your decisions, and the story changes according to your actions.

Bound by Flame looks really detailed with astonishing work in its graphical aspect. The general technical aspect provides well-designed characters with fully detailed models. The diversity of environments, from forests to incredible caves, shows the world of the game in all its aspects. The soundtrack accompanies the well-developed story in each event of the game with memorable tracks.

Meet your new crew
Meet your new crew

The resurrection of a genre

Over these past few years, RPG gameplay has suffered many changes due to the stream of online gaming, and that changed some aspects of the classic genres. This new title brings several ways to customize your own character in different aspects, both physically and the way you will play. The basic terms are that you can set the abilities of your character with different skill trees. You can create a terrifying fighter for close quarter combats, a skilled ranger for long range battles or a pyromancer for making the most of the abilities of the demon inside.

The battle system is highly dynamic with realtime actions, which are more like an action game than a role playing title. Although you start on your own, in different parts of the game you will join forces with additional characters that will lend you a hand in some difficult combats. You will find Sybil, a young fire sorcerer, Rhelmar, an elf ranger, Randval, an expert warrior, Edwen, a witch with dark magic that can possess enemies and finally Marthras, a skillful undead. Together you will fight against all kinds of enemies, from the dead-army to other ancient creatures.

In different parts of the game you will join forces with additional characters that will lend you a hand in some difficult combats.

One of the main aspects of the game is the possibility of crafting your own special equipment. You can also capture loot from your enemies and explore many different places looking for new materials for your weapons and armors. This way you can customize your own items and give them the features you want.

Use magic and your fighting skills to destroy your enemies
Use magic and your fighting skills to destroy your enemies

Bound by Flame Features

Discover the main features for Bound by Flame for computer and game consoles:

  • Save the world from the terrifying menace of the Ice Lords fighting against all kind of fantastic creatures
  • Your choices contribute to the development of the story by choosing your own path
  • Customize your self-made character according to the different gameplay style you want
  • Active and dynamic action RPG gameplay in which each enemy will present a whole new threat
  • Choose from among the three skill trees; fighter, ranger and pyromancer, and create the ultimate combination

For further information about Bound by Flame before the digital download of the title, feel free to check the official website clicking on this link.

Danger could be anywhere
Danger could be anywhere

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for computer systems:

  • OS: Windows XP SP 3 or later
  • Processor: AMD/Intel 2.2GHz dual core CPU
  • Graphic Card: DirectX 9 and shaders 4.0 supporting 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT, ATI Radeon HD 4850 or higher
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • HDD: 6GB free space and additional for the download