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Panda Run is an endless runner mobile game developed and published by SageGo. It has been released only for Android devices. Once you download the game and start playing, you will control a cute little panda that runs tirelessly and jumps to collect coins. If you have played other side-scrolling games such as Zombie Tsunami or Banana Kong, you already know what to do.

Nine levels to play
Nine levels to play

The graphics are good enough to avoid complaints, but they are as simple as they can be; the same endless background (very similar to The Flintstones) throughout the whole adventure and the same obstacles with the same textures to avoid by jumping. There is not soundtrack, not even a sound effect nor music. The game is completely mute. You will not listen to anything when playing. This is a very strange feature of Panda Run since almost every videogame has at least some sound effects such as footsteps, screams if you fail or something like that.


The gameplay of Panda Run is simple; your only task relies on jumping to avoid falling into the precipice. The controls are simple, too, but they are not as easy as they seem. You have to tap in order to jump, and you have to double tap to double jump. However, the little panda sometimes jumps longer or shorter depending on...that, we don't know for sure. In fact, this is the main drawback of Panda Run. Neither the graphics, nor the non-existent sounds; the unresponsive controls are what makes this app a very difficult game to play.

You will control a cute little panda that runs tirelessly and jumps to collect coins

Another interesting feature is the ability to collect coins when running. Well, there is a goal as with any other of these kinds of games. Nevertheless, coins do nor have a purpose in this app since you cannot buy a thing with them. The only use of the coins is to increase the scores. The more coins you collect, the more score you get. However, there's no board on which all the scores are saved, and you can only see your scores when playing.

There is an important feature worth mentioning: you will only die if you fall. If your cute panda gets stuck, the screen will stop so it will not run over you. There are no other obstacles such as spikes, traps or other barriers, so your path is quite easy to follow. However, this fact will not make the game easier; the controls are enough to make you go mad.

Panda Run 1.2.1 Features

Here you can see the main features of Panda Run:

  • 9 levels to play and enjoy
  • Simple controls: you only have to tap
  • The graphics are cute and well designed
  • No music, soundtrack or sound effects
  • Ability to collect coins
  • Endless runner gameplay
  • It is light on system resources
  • Only available for Android mobile devices

If you are interested in Panda Run, you are free to search for more information in this website before you download and play the app.

System Requirements

Here you can see the minimum system requirements to download this free app on your Android mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 2.0 Eclair or later versions
  • Free Space: 3.7 MB available on your device