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Music Maker Jam 2.1.1034.0

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Be the mobile dj using your mobile device and bring the Dj side of you at any time

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, November 30, 2015

Music for the longest time has been known to be a real source of fun and a relaxing tool. There is nothing as good as having your own choice of music combined in your very customized mix to bring out your own creativity. The developers of Magic Maker Jam knew that it is only normal to have various genres of music that one can enjoy and had to create an application that would support 4 genres. This application was created with very easy controls and the interface was made very simple too making its use very enjoyable. The best of the controls is the heavy music rotation meaning you can always update your created music with easy. The application also comes with a 8-channel music mixer that can be useful in creating quality and very professional mixes with ease. The application also can be very interesting as you can be able to create mixes by just shaking your device and you get a remix.


  • The application has a recording feature that one can use to record music and share
  • The application has adjustable Tempos and harmonies


  • The application has none at all.
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create any kind of music even hip hope it all depends on you

By John Joe

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If you are a fan of great music hen this is it.Once you download this application you are the user can create their own beats and afterwards you can create your misic and then listen to it and you can also share the music that you have created with other users.It has some various tempo and all you have to do is just adjust it till the time you are going to get a rhythm then you ca creat a play list and store the music in your device.It is very simple and thus offers a very great way to understand and you do not have to be a professional to use music maker jam I hope more of these applications are developed and kept in the market for people like us it is very awesome I must say.


Create your own music

There are various genres to compose music in for example hip hop

There are beats to add to your music composition


Enjoy yourself as you create your own music.


  • you do not need any skills at all
  • it is easy to use


  • the interface is a little bit complicated
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Create Your Very Own Music and Modify the Tunes and Effects

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Music has a big role in setting our moods on our daily life. Like when we're going to work or school, we always play music that we want and it can put us on a good mood. Can you imagine if you can create your own music? If you can modify and experiment the beats and the tunes in your head? You can make it all happen now because of Music Maker Jam. This application allows you to create your very own music.

This musical application for windows lets you experiment, create and modify your own music. You don't have to be an expert or a Disc Jockey before using this app because it only involves your imagination, creativity and inventiveness in incorporating and adding effects on the music. This program includes different loops which you can use in altering the effect and the tune of the song that you're creating. You can also adjust the tempo and make your own harmony. After making your own music, you can save it all and use it further for jamming with other users.

To conclude, this application is really good and useful for composers, DJ's, professionals and individuals that love music. It is also a good way in improving your creativeness and talent in music.


  • It can save all your remixes
  • Let's you to modify your own music


  • It has compatibility issues on some smart phones
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use the program to create uniquely experimental and inspired sound experiences to bring harmony and dialogue to my performances for the awakening of humanity.

  • I'd like to put a few clips in my podcast or videos, but more than likely I'll just mess around with the program for fun, kill some free time

  • create music play with beats stress relief and fun, use similar app on phone and i love it so hoping that this download is the same equal or better

  • am going to use this program to mFGVake my jamming more cooler and awesome with the wonderful feature this app has.Music maker jam is the best

  • make music and beats i wannt to be the best artist so think i can discover my talent using this app it is for a good course and thank you for the free download

What similar programs have you used?
  • I like to use an online mixer called party cloud. It uses the whole soundcloud database for a huge selection of songs, remixes and mashups..

  • well i have used fl studio, perfect piano, and many other things like caustic, beat creator, piano beats, thats probably about it but yeah ok

  • I have been using Magix and LMMS and both are not compatible in my PC and the audio doesn't work quite much as I expected. It must be broken.

  • I have used Garage band from Apple one of the best but i am looking for something i can use my PC lets hope this will make the trick and sas

  • I have used Garageband in the past to create the kind of music that I like to listen to. It comes free with all apple computers and is a really great program

What do you like most about this program?
  • very interesting to make an own muscical sound track and merge it with any song will try this program and send afeedback about it thank you.

  • Free Version of the Music Maker Jam, it has been since to replace Wub Machine however it must be removing this music and recreating it for yourself.

  • loops, music suound, dj edits and programs like vst, compatibility, open suorce and possibility to transfer files across multi platform, mastery comes with experience and easy of use

  • It is a good mixing application and it is very nice for production that is why i want to download so my music life is not stopped or limited

  • great stuff for begginers, im hoked on it day and nig? great program alot of loops ansomwwe glitch they can fix but overall awsome app to st


Magix is renowned for developing innovations that inspire creative minds. Music Maker Jam is such a product. Using this application, you can mix various music tracks together to create amazing custom tracks. Now you can unleash your creativity anywhere, and at any time you wish through your smartphone or tablet.

Using the software is simple, fun and fast! Just open the app, choose any of the three free music genres and begin combining sounds to produce your own songs. The app comes with a large pool of professionally created effects and loops so that you will not have to compromise your imaginations.

Why people love it?

Magix Maker Jam lets you bring out the DJ inside you through its wide range of loops and up to 8 songs supported at a time. Just trim your songs combine them creatively and add loops within them. If you need, adjust the tempo, change the pitch and mix your songs using suitable realtime effects. If it is ready for remix, reorder tracks by simply giving a shake to your Smartphone or tablet. This will produce a unique musical fruit salad for you! In this way, you can get inspiration for trying your next jam.

Music Maker Jam has an intuitive user interface and control options, making music jam production both entertaining and easy. The sounds produced by this app will be perfectly synchronized without noise so that it will never miss any beat. The application contains all options to satisfy even power users.

The app has four free genres (styles) by default. One is Hip Hop by default, and the other three are chosen by you. These can be changed as you wish every month. This feature will take you through new loops on a monthly basis so that your Jams will always be fresh. If you are not satisfied with this much, you are allowed to expand the studio using new premium genres like Metal, Movie Score, Dubstep, Techno, House, Drum&Bass and many more. In short, there is so much to explore and match so that you can create your own professional level music style.

This app makes all your (musical) desires possible no matter if it is a quiet instrumental, a pulsating floor track for the club that makes you dance, or a guitar-driven thunderbolt rocker for radio. Simply repeat Jamming until it sound perfects as you desire. You can also save Jams in the form of projects for future editing. You can record infinite tracks if you want and share them through internet as audio files. If they are good, your fans will be coming back for more from you.

Music Maker Jam 2.1.1034.0 Features

Here are the 11 coolest features of Music Maker Jam you will fall in love with!

  • Four great free music genres: Switch between Hip Hop and three more styles of your choice
  • Heavy music style rotation: Replace your old styles with new styles every month
  • Expand the studio library using new premium genres like Metal, Movie Score, Dubstep, Techno, House, Drum&Bass and many more
  • You can use any loop from any music style on your project irrespective of the style you chosen
  • 8-channel music mixer for professional quality mixes
  • Tempo & harmonies are adjustable as you wish
  • Produce amazing realtime effects by simply shaking tilting your smartphone/tablet
  • Shake the device to remix tracks
  • Record your own song and share it with the world that loves you
  • Set custom background images for your custom tracks
  • Supports multiple languages

System Requirements

Before jumping to the download button, please make sure that your phone supports it. Here are the minimum requirements:

  • OS: Android 4.0 or later
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • CPU: At least Single core x86 or ARM CPU with 1GHz speed
  • Memory: Minimum 100 MB free


Music Maker Jam lets you produce custom, professional quality music tracks by mixing your favorite tracks on the go. You can download it for both PC (Microsoft Windows) and Android platforms for free. The software comes with tons of built-in sound effects and instruments for better results. Get it now and start DJing!

Note: Even though the software is free to download, some additional effects are not. You will have to use the in-app shop for purchasing them. To enjoy absolute freedom of experimenting with music, you will have to download these effects. New packages will be released with new updates of the software.

  • Controls and gestures are easy to understand
  • Four free professional styles come built-in
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Work with up to eight songs at a time
  • Lag is experienced on entry level smartphones